Agile Software Development

Scrum Process at a glance.


With it roots in the 80-ies of the last century, based on Toyota’s “Lean Management”, the Agile Product Development became the mainstream in the IT industry. SCRUM and Kanban, as agile software development methods, have emerged from it and are very good at coping with the current requirements of the world of product development: respond quickly to rapidly changing market demands with the highest quality.

Our team has been exercising agile practices and the philosophy behind it for 10 years and thanks to many positive experiences it has embraced them. This experience, applied as best practices in our projects, is now available to you.

Team Competencies

Programming LanguagesC, C++, C#, Java, Scala, Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, Python, XML, HTML, CSS and PL/SQL (TSQL)
Development ToolsMS Visual Studio, .NET, Eclipse, Maven, TestComplete, Continuous Integration (Jenkins),
Code Quality Inspection (Sonar), ASD: Suite
Process ToolsMS TFS, Agilefant, Pivotal tracker, Jira, Bugzilla, Teststuff, Testlink, xWiki,
Confluence, TopDesk, Google Apps
Database SystemsCassandra, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB
PlatformsServer, Embedded, Mobile, Desktop, Web
Technologies and FrameworksMS .NET Framework, ASP, .NET, WPF, Spring, Hibernate, iBatis, GWT, Vaadin,
NetKernel, OSGi, Ruby on Rails, Selenium, Jasper reports, Akka, Angular.js,
Backbone.js, React Native, Cordova, Laravel, Django