IoT – Internet of Things

IoT world at a glance


The term Internet of Things (IoT) in general describes a network of devices with embedded electronics, sensors and network connectivity. In the consumer goods sector one thinks here primarily to the so-called wearables – minicomputers equipped with various sensors that are incorporated directly into clothing.

We operate exclusively in the B2B sector. For us IoT means the possibility, of all equipment and systems of our customers which are not yet connected to the Internet, to expand them by adding minimal hardware modules (controllers) and thus making them monitored (remote monitoring) and remotely controlled (remote control). In addition new possibilities open up, such as the systematic collection of data from the monitored and controlled processes, and their optimization (asset management) and automatic control (automation) through configurable rules. Furthermore valuable knowledge can be won from the collected data by applying our analytics technology. Prominent business cases from this field are Predictive Maintenance and Root Cause Analysis.

While other companies are still considering only how to tackle the IoT challenge, with our several years of experience and a finished IoT solution, based on a mature technology, we are already at the destination and can now offer you an optimal solution in the short time of only 3 months. This gives us a huge competitive advantage in comparison to our competitors.