Root Cause Analysis

A Root Cause Analysis is a problem solving method used for finding the root causes of faults and problems. By removing the root cause from the problem-fault-sequence we are able to prevent the final undesirable event from recurring.

Through the automated analysis (Analytics) of large sensor and machine event data quantities (Big Data) we are able to identify the root cause of the emerged fault or a problem.



1. Improve trouble-shooting process dramatically

The service technician knows the root cause of the problem right at the beginning of his work and can thereby dramatically shorten the repair time since long and expensive tests and repair trials are avoided. At the further end this dramatically reduces the production downtime and increases the productivity and profitability.

2. Generate input for the optimization of the system

By knowing the root causes of problems and faults the product designer can effectively provide valuable input for the redesign and the optimization of the system’s next generation.