Climate Sensor “WolkSensor”

From the field of IoT, accompanying our solution IoT-Cockpit „WolkSense“, we are offering you a battery powered, WiFi enabled climate sensor.

Sensor Characteristics


Diverse climate parameters
Our air sensor measures simultaneously

  • temperature
  • air pressure
  • relative humidity

In addition, it may also perceive and report its own motion. This is possible due to the built-in accelerometer.

WiFi connectivity
Thanks to WiFi support, the climate sensor is able to connect itself to any wireless router. During the initial configuration via the USB port, the wireless access parameters will be set and the sensor is immediately ready to use.

Independent power supply
The climate sensor is powered by 3 AA batteries and can therefore be used literally anywhere. As soon as the climate sensor is connected over the USB interface, the power supply control unit automatically switches the consumption of the electrical current provided at the USB port.

Easy mounting
Tightly integrated magnets in the housing of the climate sensor facilitate the possibility of attaching it to all magnetic objects. If an object is made of non-magnetic material, then you can still mount the sensor on it by attaching a simple mounting frame first.

Compact design
With its small dimensions (85mm x 80mm x 25mm) and a weight of only 160g (including batteries), the climate sensor has been built very compact and can be mounted thereby anywhere.

The very flexible software and hardware architecture of the climate sensor enables virtually any adaptation and expansion to suit your needs. For example through PoE a power supply and the connectivity can be provided. This would reduce the size of the device significantly. Another example would be a direct connection to your systems (machines, equipment etc.) via UART, SPI and I2C interfaces in order to monitor and control them. Contact us. We will be glad to help you.


Our climate sensor can be reasonably used in both private and business environments. Frequent application takes place in the monitoring of climate parameters in

  • living spaces
  • wine cellars
  • humidors
  • hospitals
  • hotels
  • storerooms
  • machinery spaces
  • server rooms
  • supermarkets
  • refrigeration systems
  • greenhouses

Technical data

Reference data  
Temperature [°C]
Measuring range min.-40
Measuring range max.85
Relative humidity [%]
Measuring range min.0
Measuring range max.100
Accuracy±1.0 to ±3.0
Pressure [hPa]
Measuring range min.300
Measuring range max.1100
USBStandard equipment
WiFi (802.11 b/g/n)Standard equipment
LANoptionally available
UARToptionally available
SPIoptionally available
I2Coptionally available
Physical dimensions [mm]
Weight [g]
with batteries160
without batteries50
PlasticStandard equipment
MagnetsStandard equipment