Software Development

Product development


In the field of software development we can offer you not only the pure creation of the program code (source code) and the corresponding documentation, but a competent and reliable support throughout the entire product development cycle with all its phases and – if desired – the operation of the developed solution in our cloud.

Product development cycle


Behind every successful product or any functioning solution there is a well thought out idea. She came out as an answer to a specific problem or a need for optimization. We listen carefully to you, as the domain expert, and work together with you on the idea.


Once we have worked out together with you the optimal solution idea, we dedicate ourselves to the specific design of a future solution. Here, all decisions are made: from the definition of the user interface to the design of the software architecture.


By using agile product development methods and our wide knowledge, we implement the design, upon we agreed with you and let you examine the state of development in short and regular time intervals and take immediately emerged change requests into account.

Quality Assurance

Each product or solution needs systematic quality assurance. For us it starts with the design and ends at the final acceptance.

Deployment and Configuration

After the software has been implemented, we support you in creating the configuration and deployment (providing). Only when the product of our work is optimally used by you in your daily work, we are talking about a successful project.


Nowadays, IT systems are often not operated by the company itself but by the external service providers. If you wish, we can gladly operate it in our cloud for you and place it over the internet at your disposal.

Hotline and Maintenance

After the end of the project we will accompany you with maintenance and a competent hotline.