TaaS – Team as a Service


If you already develop your own software and just need additional professional staff to complete your project in the desired quality or shorter time, we offer our experienced team consisting of software architects, software developers, designers and testers.



1. Cost reduction

The utilization of our team you will save you more than 50% of your costs (staff, recruitment, equipment, working space etc.).

2. Know-how and experience is immediately available

Our team members are experienced IT professionals. For your project you get exactly the right experts and can immediately profit from their expertise and experience. The need for getting familiar with new tools and technologies is completely eliminated.

3. Instant start

After we have put together an optimal team for your project, you can immediately start with the project implementation.

4. Efficient collaboration

Through practicing agile software development methods like SCRUM and Kanban, our employees are used working in high-quality, flexible and extremely goal-oriented manner. Although the team is working from our office, the constant communication with you and your staff takes place. If the physical team separation is not an option to you, then we move our staff in your premises during the project.

5. Full control of resources and costs

Based on your profile requirements, we provide you with the optimal team members. But since you make the final decision about the team composition, you have the full control over who is working on your project and for how long.