In the IoT field we offer WolkSense as a complete IoT solution.

IoT Cockpit “WolkSense”

From the IoT field, together with the climate sensor WolkSensor, for covering the use case “monitoring of climate parameters in closed spaces and refrigeration equipment”, we offer IoT-Cockpit „WolkSense“ as a complete IoT solution.

This is a complete and a turnkey solution. Since the utilized building blocks (software and hardware) are very flexible, we can adapt it to any business case in a short time period and thus provide you with an optimal solution.

While other IT solution providers can cum up with their first prototypes after at least 6 months and provide ready to use solutions after more than a year, we are able to capture your business case entirely and create a finished customized solution in just 3 months. Thereby you get a substantial competitive advantage.

All the facts at a glance

Monitoring of climate parameters
Alarm at the violation of rules set for the parameter values
Export of the recorded data
Remote configuration of climate sensors
Automation rules
Application runs both in a Web browser and in an app.
Support for all major mobile devices: Android, iPhone and iPad

The application can be used in any modern browser (Windows, Mac & Linux).



Also all wide spread mobile devices are supported (Android, iPhone & iPad).



The alarm rules can be adjusted easily.



If an alarm is triggered, you are instantly notified on your mobile device or in the web browser.



Generate and analyze the reports and export the recorded data.